Friday, July 31, 2009

My birthday presents!

My husband has come up trumps this year with my birthday present - he got in touch with Annamarie from to buy all this stash above!!

He also bought me my favourite perfume Grapefruit by Jo Malone - I love it. I did drop the hint about the perfume but the scrapbook stuff was all his idea - well done Frankie!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Teachers presents

The first year my children were in school I got flowers or sweets as a present but soon realised that the teachers were indundated with these. So every year since then I have made something for the teachers instead. This year I used an idea I got from Elisa at Crafteire in February (thank you Elisa!). Ikea frames with the embelishments on the outside of the frame. I am going to get the kids to draw/write something on the back (whatever each one is capable of !! my youngest will just scribble but what can I do??!! )

Monday, June 8, 2009

Picture overload

Since I have just sussed out this blog thingie I have added some photos that were on my computer of recent cards/projects I have been working on.

Below is a pinata my sister and myself made for a kids party last month. It was great fun to make and a fraction of the price that I would have paid in the shop. It withstood the battering of the children and broke just in time before they got bored! I'd say this cost €4 to make as opposed to €20 to buy and that's before you fill it with goodies!
You could really go to town decorating it (and I was tempted) but I thought why bother when it was going to get destroyed by the kids!

The quality of the photo above is pretty bad but it looks better in real life!

Note to self - I must get better at taking photos as all the above looked better in real life - I promise! Anyway that's just some of the stuff I have been working on.

Jackie's workshop on Sunday - fab day

I made this at home so don't know if it is supposed to look like this but I like it anway!
My version of a girlie wallet below!

my version of Jackie's Father's day wallet

This fabulous album is great - I love it and can't wait to get some photos in it!

That Hello Kitty card is great fun - many uses.

Below is Jackie's Father's day card - i love it -I will use this technique again and again...

Hi there

I was just at Jackie's workshop yesterday and had a great day. As usual Jackie had some wonderful projects planned for us. I brought along a friend that had never made cards before and she is hooked. She was also lucky enough to win a fabulous prize of Ger's Little Snippits. A great start to her stash.

I will try and post photos of the projects created yesterday - I haven't tried to post photos on this blog yet so hopefully will get a chance later today.

Anyhoo, bye for now.

Friday, May 1, 2009

My first ever blog post!!!

Hello there

I thought it was about time that I started a blog - I've been browsing lots of other blogs over the past while and enjoyed it so thought, what the hell! Here I go... I'm still getting to grips with it so bear with me please!! Hopefully I will get some photos uploaded soon...