Monday, June 8, 2009

Picture overload

Since I have just sussed out this blog thingie I have added some photos that were on my computer of recent cards/projects I have been working on.

Below is a pinata my sister and myself made for a kids party last month. It was great fun to make and a fraction of the price that I would have paid in the shop. It withstood the battering of the children and broke just in time before they got bored! I'd say this cost €4 to make as opposed to €20 to buy and that's before you fill it with goodies!
You could really go to town decorating it (and I was tempted) but I thought why bother when it was going to get destroyed by the kids!

The quality of the photo above is pretty bad but it looks better in real life!

Note to self - I must get better at taking photos as all the above looked better in real life - I promise! Anyway that's just some of the stuff I have been working on.


  1. Welcome to blogland Jill, you have done some fantastic too. The Pinata was a great idea & I can imagine it went down a storm with the kids.

  2. Ooooh, brilliant idea with the Pinata and it looks great. What did you use to begin with? Welcome to blogland and I look forward to seeing more of your lovely creations.

  3. The pinata is great, I might try to copy your idea this weekend for my DS's birthday party next week.
    And the cards are gorgeous - happy blogging to you!

  4. Jilli !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Welcome to blogland :):):)
    Omgggggg love the pinata !!!!!!!!! Have to try that one ........
    Your cards are beautiful :):):)
    Waiting for many many more creations from you !!!!!!