Sunday, April 4, 2010

My gosh it has been ages - I should update this blog more often. Well today is Easter Sunday and the kids had a ball - they went to see their nana and then off to the gym for a swim and then home to a roast dinner. And of course chocolate eggs thereafter!!!

Since I last posted I now have a new baby niece - Ava - she is a dote... I had her overnight a few weeks ago and it reminds me how much hard work babies are!!! But at the same time sooooo worth it.
I made some easter nests for the kids last night - thanks to Jan on the Craft Supplies forum - for the life of me I can't post a link to the photos - I must work on that one - I thought once they were in photo bucket then i could add them to blogs too.. I must get this sorted....Anyhow - here is a link to the discussion on Craft Supplies which gave me the idea.

I have been to the last two of Jackie Mooney's card making work shops and made some amazing cards. I will take some photos of recent cards and post them up over the next day or too.

I am working on some albums/booklets for our sixth class kids to remind them of their time in school. I have until June to get them sorted but thought I would start them when I had some time over Easter. Again, I will get some photos sorted soon. Thats all for now...

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  1. How did you keep the children from eating the chocolate eggs until after dinner?